Frequently Asked Questions

Will my membership purchase give me free access to everything?

Yes! Once you purchase the membership and log in, it will mark everything to $0. Then you will choose your downloads, check out, and download the page(s).

You may also choose to buy one thing without having a renewing membership.


Will my subscription renew?

Yes, 3-month and annual personal memberships will auto-renew unless you cancel it. Community co-op annual memberships will not renew automatically due to the nature of the school-year and co-ops.


How does the community membership work? How do people get their files?

There are two simple ways to do this:

1. (Most common) Create an account with a generic login and password that you will share with your community to use for downloading on their own. They will log in and find the files they want on their own time.

2. You can download some files and distribute them in a secure and honorable way. Don’t post them publicly where you aren’t sure it will be limited to 25 families. The best way to do this is make 25 burned CDs or thumb drives for your community. Or, you may choose to create a co-op Dropbox account. and give the link to your families.


How can I find your pre-printed notebooks and other material?

We are the same company as Sunshine and Oranges. We would love you to find them here:




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